Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Friday, September 12, 2014

Birthday wishes

Today is my grandma's birthday, I'm not sure how old she is, but it doesn't really matter to me.

So I'm wishing her a very Hoppy Birthday.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bunny social event of the year.

In just 11 days me, daddy, mommy Louise and uncle Matthew will be covering the biggest social event of the year in bunnydom, it is of course, Bunfest. This year we will have more video, with some interviews of the humans that make this event happen every year.
I'll be doing my part and giving you a bunny-eye-view of the action. And you can expect even more pictures of the goings on.
We might even include some interviews with some of the bunnies attending, I know that there will be one newbie there, Luke Skyhopper will be attending his first Bunfest. And Sasha and Coco will be there too.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Fan Expo 2014

On Saturday me and daddy went to Fan Expo 2014, however a bit of sad news, mommy Louise wasn't able to go with us. Daddy says that she is sick, and needed to stay home and get better.

When we got there we had to get our ticket, which meant a fun little trip into the underworld. Well okay the ticket booths were in an underground loading dock area, but it was still underground. The line was somewhat long, but we were paying in cash so the line we were in moved really fast.

Daddy worked overtime on Friday night to get my "costume" ready (my stroller was decorated), it took daddy until 2am to finish everything, but it turned out awesome.
This is my stroller, we call it a Tie Roller

Looking at the front.
 We added something to the Tie Roller after we got to FanEx, a pair of stickers on the wings.
This is the Imperial gear symbol sticker daddy got.
Daddy even went in costume too, he dressed up as a New Republic Special Forces Jedi.
Daddy's costume

closeup view of the two patches, the one on the right is a New Republic Jedi patch

Closeup view of the Jedi patch
The Jedi patch came on Thursday, but daddy had to go to the post office to pick it up on Friday. Because for some reason the mailman (daddy calls them postal delivery technicians) couldn't fit the envelope through the mail slot in our door, one of my uncles suggested it might have been a reverse Tardis, smaller on the inside.

The envelope was only 5 inches square and flat
Once we got inside we checked out the Medieval Times booth, and told them about meeting one of their Falconers at the Sportsman Show. Then we went to the CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) booth, I guess they were trying for cos-player spies. Even Humane Society of Canada had a booth, their show motto was "be a superhero to the animals".

We met an author that we met back at Superfan ComiCON in May, she writes a series of books on Zombies. We got one of the books for mommy Louise, it's her present from the show. But because she reads this blog I can't say anything about it until we give it to her.

We helped with crowd control when the 501st was doing their group photo, daddy wore his new hat to look more official.
This is daddy's new favorite hat.
I got all sorts of neat stuff.
My new Lightsabers (they are actually chopsticks the light up)

My AT-AT stuffie

This is Ted, from the movie of the same name, when you press it's paw, it says lines from the movie
My Chewbacca stuffie, this one talks, well growls and barks
The three new buttons for my stroller.
Oh, and we did get to see some cool cosplayers. The following are some of my favorites.
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was there.

A Wookiee

Another Wookiee

This one was being naughty.
 That Chewbacca was offering up "high-fives" which were nearly ten feet off the ground, when he got over near us daddy got to use one of his favorite lines from Star Wars. "Laugh it up, Fuzzball" which Han Solo says to Chewbacca.
Three of the characters from one of my favorite movies
 From left to right, is Astrid, Hiccup and Ester.
This is my favorite picture.
Daddy posted this to the 501st Facebook group, with the following caption. "The 501st Canadian Garrisons Easter Emperor captured two rebel scum X-Wing pilots singlehandedly, and converted them to the Dark Side."

In 7 months ComiCon comes to the Convention Centre, so mommy Louise should be able to go with us there. But before that is Bunfest (September 21st), and Halloween.

Monday, August 25, 2014

A date followup

I got put in a cage, while the other two bunnies ran around free, how rude.
Anyway, it was still a fun evening. I tried my best to get to know Mommy Louise's two bunnies, it wasn't easy. Sasha was a little over zealous when it came to talking to me, every time I tried talking to her, she'd take off and run around the cage. Coco, on the other paw, was rather shy. I think he might have been intimidated by my awesomeness.
This is Sasha, mommy Louise's little girl

This is Coco, mommy Louise's little boy

Asking daddy why I'm in here when there are other bunnies to be dominated

Greeting Sasha

Saying hi to Sasha.

Daddy and Mommy Louise didn't watch Brave, but they did watch something Scottish, mommy Louise has a cool TV that you can watch YouTube videos on. So daddy called up our favorite Scottish video, the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo from 2012.
And they had dinner, roasted chicken, and mixed vegetables, daddy said it was yummy.
Then they watched another movie that daddy has loved for a very long time, it's called The Pirate Movie, it's based (very loosely) on the Gilbert and Sullivan Pirates of Penzance. To give you an idea how long daddy has loved this movie, my 34 year old aunt (daddy's little sister) first watched this movie when she was 8 years old.

Only 4 more days till Fan Expo, this is getting exciting. I found out yesterday that the founder of the 501st Stormtroopers is going to be at Fan Expo on Friday, so awesome.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A date

Later today (Sunday), me and daddy are heading downtown to have dinner with mommy Louise. And well we have done that before, it's where we are having it that makes it special. We are going to mommy Louise's place, and she is cooking dinner for us.... Well cooking for daddy and her. I'm going to get a chance to get to know mommy Louise's two bunnies Sasha and Coco, but I will be in a spare cage and those two will be free ranging. As long as I have some food, water and treats in there with me, I'll get by.

We are also going to be watching some movies, like one of my all time favorites Brave, then one other movie.

In about 5 days me, daddy and mommy Louise are going to Fan Expo (a ComiCon), it'll be me and daddy's third time at a CON. Unlike the other two this one is HUGE, it takes up the whole convention center (every floor, in both buildings). Compared to ComiCon (the first one we went to), which was held in the same building, it was only on the lower level of one building.
This will be exciting for another reason too, they will be showing a sneak peek of the new Star Wars: Rebels cartoon series there. This new series takes place 5 years before the events of Episode 4: A New Hope (the first of the original trilogy), and tells how the rebellion against the Empire started. Speaking of Star Wars, I'm gonna get to see my loyal subjects (the 501st Storm Troopers), remember I am their Easter Emperor. Daddy is working on something for my stroller, so you'll just have to wait until Friday to see what it is, but I will say it'll be awesome.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Mommy Louise is home

I got a neat surprise today, after running an errand (picking up our food), we went without my stroller. When we got home daddy rushed around getting my stroller ready to go on an outing, he packed the beach shelter, and blanket. Which I should have figured out meant that we were going to a beach, but I thought it was a little late for us to head over to our favorite beach.Well it turned out we did head to a beach, but we didn't meet up with my uncle Matthew.

Instead we met up with mommy Louise!!!!!! We found a nice quite spot on the beach (there was a volleyball tournament going on), daddy set up the shelter and the blanket. Then got my leash out so I could get down and play in the sand, I had other ideas, I went to the back of the shelter and flopped. I've got my priorities, napping is in top spot, and digging in the sand is somewhere down near the middle.
That's my new buddy beside me

My new stuffie makes a good pillow

Daddy and mommy Louise exchanged gifts, I've already showed you what we gave her (BTW she really loved it), so I'll just cover what mommy Louise got us. For me she got me a new stuffie, I didn't know what kind of animal it is, I've never seen one like it. Well here I'll show it to you.
I've never seen an animal like this

Whatever it is, it better get off my head.

Oh, daddy says that it's a baby seal

I'm still trying to figure out a name for him.
 Daddy told mommy Louise that we were going to try to find a suitable name, and when we did I give it my "seal" of approval (you may commence groaning), mommy Louise did, I just rolled my eyes at another of daddy's bad jokes.

Oh, mommy Louise also brought back things for daddy too, one is a glass figure of a crab (don't ask, it's from a seaside town in England), and a very pretty and very smooth rock. Neither of which I'm allowed to play with.
The crab

Top view of the crabby
The pretty rock.
When we were done at the beach we walked over to a restaurant, and had dinner out on the patio.

Both me and daddy are super happy that she is back, and she is happy that she is back too. I don't ever want her to go away for that long again, I'd almost forgotten how much fun it is to have her around.

Daddy says it's time for bed, so I'd better close this blog so I can get my bedtime treat, mmmmmmmm papaya nommie.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

One last boys weekend

Since mommy Louise is back, daddy and I decided to go on one last boys only adventure. Friday we went to Taste of the Danforth, which is a big Greek festival in Toronto, most of it is food, food and more food. It can get really crowded there, but more on that a little later.
Me and daddy were on the hunt for a present to replace the one daddy lost, we looked at every booth and table that didn't have food. We were about to give up when daddy spotted a gem store, they had bunches of pretty rocks for sale, at 50% off. So we looked, daddy was going to see if they had any pyrite (fools gold), no such luck. But we did find a very pretty piece of Rose Quartz, which is what we bought. Daddy was telling the sales lady that what we really wanted was something in the shape of a bunny, but all they had were rocks shaped like birds and fish. The lady said that they did indeed have bunny sculptures, and pointed them out to daddy. The one we settled on was made out of Agate.
Mommy Louise's present all wrapped in a pretty bow

The Agate bunny

It fits inside the box we got for the other present.

The rose quartz

A close up of the rose quartz
Until we meet up with Mommy Louise her present is going to stay here at home, this way we won't lose it again.

Now about the crowds, we went to the Taste of the Danforth again today, but I told daddy he wasn't in the right state of mind. We walked about half way through the festival when daddy started having a panic attack, I directed him to find the nearest help, which was Toronto Fire Fighters, they called over the medics, and they drove us to the subway station. I got daddy home safely, and kept him calm the whole ride home.

On Friday we found a neat place to get our picture taken, and it reminded us of mommy Louise. There is a new movie coming out in December this year, called Paddington, it's based on a series of stories about a bear in England.
Daddy says I'm Paddington Bunny

Holding the flag of the United Kingdom.