Sunki the Service Animal

Sunki the Service Animal

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Operation Share Star Wars

I posted on Thursday that Friday was Wear Star Wars Share Star Wars day, just a reminder about what this day means. It started in 2010 because a little girl named Katie who had been bullied because she liked Star Wars, what began as a simple blog post then has blossomed into a world wide day of charity. On the WearStarWars event page there were 896 people (and one bunny) registered to participate, by wearing Star Wars (or something Sci-Fi related) and donating a new unwrapped toy (again Star Wars or Sci-Fi related) with a note that says it can be for a boy or girl.

I can honestly say that me and daddy went all out for Katie and all the other girls that like Star Wars, we both went in full costume. Me in my TIE Fighter and Gray Jedi robes, daddy in his Mandalorian armor (neither of which is very warm).
Our mission didn't go quite to plan (but none ever do), the original plan was to drop off our toy at a televised event. Well, they weren't excepting toys there anymore, only food for the food bank. So we had to revise our plan, we were close to a major shopping center, and daddy remembered that there were two donation boxes in that mall. Another problem presented itself, where were those boxes. You would think that finding one in what is basically one long hallway would be easy, but not when there are three floors extending over two or three city blocks. Not to mention the information that the guy gave us at the "information booth" wasn't very helpful. "on the floor below, BEHIND the escalator".
I have to pause here for a second and rant, when someone refers to something being behind that should mean [in back of], for an escalator that would be opposite to where you get on and off, right? Well we looked, there wasn't a donation bin 'behind' the escalator. We were going to go back up and ask the info guy for better directions, we were waiting on the elevator to go up one floor when daddy started to consider just taking the escalator, when he glanced over there, what do you think he saw? Yep, it was the donation bin. It wasn't BEHIND the escalator, it was BESIDE it.
Okay, rant is over, back to the story. Once we had dropped off the toy in the bin BESIDE the escalator, we went up to check out the selection of Star Wars stuff in one of our two favorite Disney Stores. We also met up with one of our favorite cast members (Disney store staff are called cast members, instead of employees), remember, both me and daddy are in full costume still. The people in the store were awestruck by our costumes, we even had a request for a picture or two.

Oh, I can now reveal daddy's finished costume, at least the majorority of it. He might do little changes to it, but it should remain looking basically like this.

My Christmas greeting in Mandalorian, just because I can lol

Friday, December 19, 2014

Mini-ComiCON and other things

Last Sunday me, daddy and uncle Matthew went to a one day mini-ComiCON. It wasn't nearly as big as the other three we've been to, but it was still just as fun. Both me and daddy went dressed up, me in my new costume that daddy made for me. And daddy in his awesome Imperial Knights Gray Jedi costume that he's been working on since before Halloween. I think daddy is happy with the modifications he's done to it, and is now ready to do more ComiCONs in it. He's even found away to keep his head cool while wearing his helmet, the trick is he created 'pockets' at the back of the helmet, and inside he sticks little ice packs that can be switched out as needed. This should keep him cool enough that he won't need to keep taking his helmet off.
The Gray Jedi code
The I K of the Imperial Knights in Mandalorian
Daddy's helmet
Daddy's blaster
Daddy gave me a little bit of spending money so I could get Christmas presents, well I did get two. I can't tell you about the one I got for mommy Louise, cause she sometimes reads my blog, and that would spoil the surprise. I can, however, tell you about the present I got uncle Matthew, I got him a button. We'd been looking for a patch or pins, anything really, to do with Futurama. You see uncle Matthew has a new jacket that he wanted to put stuff on, so we looked, but were coming up empty. Until we found a place that did custom buttons, daddy got me one (more on that later), but I spotted one that was perfect for uncle Matthew, it was the logo from the Planet Express (the company from Futurama). To say that uncle Matthew was happy would be an understatement.

Okay now for the cool stuff that daddy got for me, and for himself. First my presents. I got a fancy bowtie to wear with my tartan vest when I have to dress up, it's Star Wars of course. I also got a new bandana to go on my harness, also Star Wars. Daddy got me a new thing to hang on my stroller, it says "Trust me, I'm a Jedi".
My new bandana
My new bowtie
Modeling my new bowtie, I'm such a handsome bunny
My new button
As for daddy he got himself a new holder for his transit pass, in Mandalorian colors with the Mando logo on one side of it. He also got himself something for those rare occasions when he dresses up nice, he got himself a new pocket watch, this one has the imperial gear symbol on the front of it.
Daddy's new pocket watch
The inside showing the face.
The back showing all the gears that make it work.

One side of daddy's transit pass holder, it has multiple pockets to put other cards
The reverse side of the pass holder, the window is where the pass goes. The holder sits in the shelf of my stroller.
Oh I almost forgot, daddy did something really cool for both mine and his costumes. He found a Mandalorian font online, and figured out how to draw the letters. What he did was put my name in Mandalorian and attached it to the front of my TIE fighter. He did the same for his name, and attached it to the shoulder armor on his costume. He even drew the Mando symbol, and painted it on to the other shoulder armor.
My name (Sunki) in Mandalorian
Daddy's name (Casper) in Mandalorian
I just looked back through the pictures and realised I didn't show me in my costume, so here's two pictures of me in my costume.
Being in costume makes me hungery
Yep, I am a Gray Jedi, and a handsome one at that.
And one last thing, today December 19th is Wear Star Wars Share Star Wars day. It is where we celebrate the diversity in the Star Wars universe, and say that it is for everyone whether they be boy or girl, Jedi or Sith etc. It started back in 2010 because of a little girl named Katie who was being bullied because she liked Star Wars, from there it blossomed into an anti-bullying campaign world wide. So today me and daddy have a special mission, the Imperial Gray Jedi Knights are going to deliver a special Star Wars toy (in costume) to a drop off location where toys are being collected. Daddy even attached a note asking that the action figure (which is Luke Skywalker), be given to a little girl for Christmas.
I'll post another blog later to tell everyone how the mission went, and some pictures, maybe.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Oh what fun...... NOT!!!!!

Yesterday daddy got a call saying that our Christmas hamper was ready to be picked up. Now, Mother Nature decided to throw in a challenge and made it..... Ugh I can't even bring myself to say what was falling from the sky, okay, it was frozen precipitation that piles up. You're going to make me say it, aren't you? Fine, it was snowing, there I said it, happy? There was only supposed to be 5 - 10 cm (2 - 4 inches), but, the storm reached us, and stalled for the whole day. By the end of it, 25 cm (10 inches) had fallen. The trouble is my stroller isn't built to handle that much snow, so we had to leave it behind, and daddy carried me the whole trip. Which was fine, but it meant foregoing some of the luxuries of my stroller, such as food, and my warm blanket (to cover my butt). I did have my hoodie on, which only covers so much (it leaves my butt hanging out), daddy stuffed the back half of me into his jacket, which did keep me slightly warmer.

Oh, yeah, the fun stuff. The hamper included a BIG bag of our Martin food, gift cards to our favorite grocery store and something called a "bed in a bag", I thought it was one of those air mattresses, but it wasn't, it was sheets to go on daddy's bed.

Daddy is reminding me that I should add something else to this blog, I'm supposed to thank the family the sponsored us, the Community Center for having Christmas hampers and uncle Matthew who came out yesterday and helped bring the stuff back to our place, oh and the nice man who drove us home.

Monday, November 24, 2014

So happy

After a year I got to see mommy Louise...... Okay daddy says it wasn't a year, it was only a couple of months. It still felt like it was a year, I think the last time we say mommy Louise was back in September.
Yesterday, me, daddy and mommy Louise went to a thing called Mini-Maker Faire. Basically it's a show for inventors and tinkerers to see new things, and get ideas for new projects. As a for instance, a lot of the people displaying things had 3D printers. One of those printers was making a logo using Nuttella (the chocolate/hazelnut spread), but it can also do things using icing sugar. silicone etc., pretty neat right.

One of my troopers from the 501st was there, along with a few droids from the R2 builders. Actually, speaking of my trooper, he's in serious trouble with me. Me and daddy got our picture taken with the trooper, who had the gull to pet me on the head and call me cute. He must have been from one of the outer-rim territories, otherwise he would have known I was a powerful Sith Lord, and his Emperor.

This is just before the trooper patted me on the head, must have been a recruit.
 Daddy also got a bit of inside information from one of the droid builders, he's planning on building a Chopper Astromech starting soon, and it should be ready to make it's apperance at Fan Expo 2016. Chopper is the R2 from the Star Wars: Rebels cartoon.

They also had workshops there where you could learn to make things, one was how to solder (which I think is using a very hot thing to melt metal). There were one of two projects people could do, one was a robot, the other, which is what daddy picked to do, was a rocketship.

My rocketship lit up.
Three LEDs, and a battery.
To make it first you put the LEDs in and solder them, then you mount the support for the battery and solder that. And you get a light up rocketship.

I'm going to go back a month and talk more about Halloween. The picture I refered to in my last post about daddy taking a picture with a Jedi, well we found out that we actually know the person who took that picture. She's an assistant at the pharmacy daddy goes to. And daddy finally got her to send him the picture, so here it is.
I told you it was an awesome picture.
Now, daddy is never satisfied with his costume, and forever tweaking things to make it better. Case in point, the patches that daddy is wearing. He figured if he were a Mandalorian he should have that patch too, well it arrived last Thursday, and daddy modified it to fit with his costume.
The original patch

the patch with the new colors.
Daddy also modified his Jedi patch painting it in the new colors.
The orginal patch, notice the other thing above it, I'll be talking about that next.

The patch with the new colors.
Daddy decided he should have a rank badge, so he built himself one, it's that thing I mentioned earlier. Five disks makes him a general.
And two more pictures from Halloween, these are from the Toronto Zombie Walk.

 I told daddy that I felt left out and wanted my own cosplay costume, so he made me one. I now unveil my costume for future ComiCONs and Halloweens.
I told daddy it was a good start, but it was missing something.

Daddy agreed, and he added a hood to the cape.

NOW I look like a Sith Lord.
Me and daddy are going to get chance to wear our new costumes soon, in mid-December there is going to be a Mini-ComiCON, so we get to use them before ComiCON in March.

Oh, and mommy Louise is starting to get better, yesterday was the first time in awhile that she's felt well enough to go out on a date with us. When daddy told me Saturday night that we were going to see mommy Louise on Sunday, I did a huge binky and ran around his bed.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Okay, old man winter can scram for a few more weeks. Yesterday was the coldest Halloween daddy has ever felt, some areas near us even got a naughty four letter word, a type of precipitation that shall remain nameless.

I went as the Emperor of the Galactic Empire, in my very own TIE Fighter. Daddy went as an outcast Mandalorian Jedi, he's going to be using that costume for Halloween and ComiCONs. 

Daddy did a few tweaks to his costume from this version

Daddy added a third lightsaber.
The new Lightsaber can change from red (Sith) to blue (Jedi)
Daddy even took a picture with a guy dressed as a Jedi, sadly we didn't get our own picture at the same time.
Next month there is a mini-ComiCON, we'll be going to that for sure.

I finally got my own Tauntaun, and of course daddy now uses every chance he gets to use his favorite joke.
Q: What is the internal temprature of a Tauntaun?
A: Luke warm.
For you readers that might not get the reference, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!?!?!? Go watch Star Wars Episode 5 The Empire Strikes Back, it's been out for decades. So without to much in the way of spoilers, the scene goes something like this. Luke Skywalker gets lost on the ice planet Hoth, Han Solo finds him near death. Han's Tauntaun dies, so he uses Luke's lightsaber to slice open the belly of the Tauntaun and stuffs Luke inside the still warm guts of the beast. Now do you get the joke?

He's bigger then I am.

I haven't talked much about mommy Louise lately, that's because she hasn't been feeling well. We're still waiting on the results from the tests the doctors did, neither me or daddy have heard anything else, despite multiple emails and texts. But once we do get some news, I will post a blog about it.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Guest Blogger: Luke Skyhopper

My big brother Sunki was having a temper tantrum yesterday, so I got to go out with daddy on my first stroller adventure.
Daddy got me up early and we went to do a few errands, first was to sign up for a humper. Not sure why anyone would need to sign up for that, but daddy tells me it's to get extra stuff in the next few months.

The stroller was super cool, and I see why Sunki loves going out in it so much. When you're in the stroller you can eat, play with toys, and have a nap. All while traveling around to places.

Our last stop was to my favorite grocery store, but my favorite lady wasn't there, so I was a little sad about that. But I got over that real quick when daddy got me treats.
Where are we going daddy?
Just like big brother Sunki, munching away at my Food.
Can we get treats?
Daddy says my nose seems to glow in this picture.
This is really fun, but I'm ready to go home now.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Bunfest bunny and human interviews Part 1

Okay so I'm still waiting on one other set of interviews, so I'll post the ones I've got.

I sat down with a bun named Paddy, and asked him some questions about Bunfest, here are his answers.
  • Is this your first Bunfest?
  • Nope it is my 2nd.  
  • Are you having fun?
  • No, because mummy's foster bunny keeps attacking me. I hope he finds a new home today at Bunfest. 
  • What do you want to see most? 
  • I want to see my pictures from Alicia Riley Bunny Glamour Shots
  • How many toys are you going to get? 
  • I want to get as many toys as my mummy can afford.
  • What kinds of treats are you going to get?
  • Hopefully Martin Mills Little Friends
  • Are you going to hangout in the Nibbles Cafe?
  • Nope if my mum doesn't want to go there I won't be going there. I go places only with my mom.
  • If you could have any toy on sale in the store, What would it be?
  • I am not a crazy toy-obsessed bunny, I more prefer the bird toy I have at home, I like to piss off my mom when she's watching TV with my papa.
  • How many bunnies in your family? What are their names? Are they boys or girls?
  • I am the one constant bunny but there seems to be two others male bunnies; Roger and Pikachu who have come to stay; they are two boys, I get along fairly well with Roger who gets the top bunk of our bunny condo castle (he doesn't pee on my head thank Heavens, like the last bunny did) and Pikachu seems like kind of a nipper so therefore, mummy is keeping me away from him until he learns to use his words...I don't know how long Roger will stay but I heard that Pikachu was staying. All I know for sure is that I'm the most special because I've been here the longest and I'm my papa's favourite.
Then I sat down with Paddy's mom, Samantha and asked her some questions about Bunfest.
  • Is this your first Bunfest?
  • Nope it's my 2nd
  • What do you think of it so far?
  • I thought it was pretty good, no drama yet and seems to be well-attended. My bunnies seemed to be a big hit.
  • Will you be back next year?
  • Of course, any friend of Rabbit Rescue and Bunfest is a friend of mine!
  • What made you come to Bunfest? or What made you come back?
  • I heard about Bunfest from a friend in the bunny community and what made me come back were the glamour shots from Alicia Riley-McCracken and the bunny merchandise and supplies.
  • Are you a Bunfest Veteran? i.e. attended more then 2
  • Not a veteran until next year.
  • How many have you attended?
  •  I have attended 2 so far; one in 2012 and I missed last year's because one of my oldest bunnies passed away a couple of days prior to it and then I am at this year's (2014)
  • What has been your favourite moment? (past or present)
  •  No specific moment but I just love getting to meet all the other bunnies and their owners.
  • Do you currently have bunnies? How many?
  •  Yes I currently have 3 bunnies, one foster, one foster fail and one forever bunny (so two forever bunnies and one whose finding a new home soon)
  • What are their names?
  •  Paddy my 3.5 almost 4 year old dwarf-Hotot, Pikachu a 5 month old Netherland Dwarf and Finn a 3 year old lionhead whose finding a new forever home today. I also have Roger a beautiful 3 year old albino Mini-Rex I also have another 
  • Do you have any (all) of them here?
  •  I brought Paddy and my foster bunny Finn to Bunfest with me today. Roger is going through a hard molt and I cannot bring him and Pikachu I am getting tomorrow.
  • Are you going to let them hangout in the Bunny Flop Lounge?
  •  No I don't have time to have them hang out at the Bunny Flop lounge
  • Are you going to get them groomed?
  •  Nope I do all their grooming myself. 
  • Are you going to get a glamour shot?
  •  Yes Glamour shots for Paddy and Finn 
  • If you do/don't have bunnies, are you/have you adopted/fostered one?
  • I hope to foster more in the future as long as my health and my pocket book allows. 
Paddy, his mommy Samantha and his daddy at Bunfest 2014